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Video Tutorials

Plan service area for objects on mapview

Plan service area for objects on mapview


The Create radius feature is easy to use and very helpful to generate areas on different conditions.

Filter data on map in real-time

Filter data on map in real-time


This tutorial video will introduce how vMAP Colour Filter calculates and filters data shown on map in real-time by different data types and calculation modes.

Customise and style areas on map

Customise and style areas on map


This video will specially introduce the different styling approaches on areas in vMAP.

Export customised map data in various formats

Export customised map data in various formats


This video will mainly introduce how to export data from a layer on a mapview, and customise data fields and formats when exporting.


What is vMAP?

vMAP is a full-featured web GIS that provides data visualization, analysis, route calculation, reporting and many other valuable features. Without the need for coding or complex setups, vMAP is a user-friendly option for your company. Combine the powerful open source GIS tools with vMAP as a front-end, or integrate vMAP into your own websites and applications over the API.


Is my data stored on the vMAP server when my free 15-day trial period ends?

When your 15-day free trial expires, you vMAP account will be closed. But if you're interested in working with us, this account can be upgraded to a member version, allowing you to keep working on the data you have already stored.


Can I share the mapview to others?

Yes, vMAP allows the function of sharing mapview. The system generates a URL when you click on the Share Mapview button in vMAP. Then send the URL to anyone.

Visitors with this URL link can be managed with different rights, e.g. only view, or edit etc.


How soon does vMAP support reply to inquiries?

During workdays (Monday to Friday), vMAP support replies to inquiries within 24 hours.

Data security

Is it secure to put my data on the vMAP server?

Yes, vMAP hosts the servers in the data center on dedicated instances, which are isolated and secured against internet cyber-attacks.