One-Stop GIS Solution

End dull data lists with meaningful interactive mapping

Create vivid maps using your imported data. Apply colors and icons by vMAP’s built-in rules or assign manually to create your unique data visuals. Then take it a step further:

  • Share your maps online with colleagues and partners.

  • Add data from external sources like SQL databases and web services.

  • Integrate your maps into internal dashboards and share as a link or report component.

Refine how you analyse data in regional context

Discover new regional data functions for deeper analysis. Set zones by predefined geography, drive time, distance and more. vMAP combines business and location data to improve how your business visualises.

  • Compare properties and characteristics of two or more areas visually.

  • Use batch operations to analyse regional datasets via multiple reports.

  • Analyse demographic and economic datasets of target areas (e.g. identify key data for real estate).

Advanced routing and sequencing for professionals

Calculate the best routes for your business. vMAP GIS software recognises time windows, vehicle dimension and other restrictions, and optimises stop order. Add cost, international directions and toll details to base distance and estimated time data for new levels of routing quality.

  • Save and use a range of different vehicle profiles.

  • Add driving/break time balances to your route calculation.

  • Simply import stops or export routes, and print detailed route reports.

Flexible report design and distribution

Customise layout and format for engaging reports. Combine the visual design power of SAP’s Crystal Reports with data sources including your ERP or CRM system, then edit and distribute with ease.

  • Automate report generation and delivery on schedule.

  • Use different map styles or color rules for reports that stand out.

  • Distribution formats include PDF, Excel and Word for easy output edits.

Redefine role-based rights management with custom content rights

Users can work on same data at same time with individual access rights. Each viewer sees only what you allow, ending the need to separate then later merge data across project files.

  • Control individual view, data and function by user role and content rights.

  • No more time-consuming import/export across different user groups.

  • Users can only visit the reports for which they have authorisation.

Unrestricted integration with wide range of data import/export formats

Easily import and export data across vMAP and other systems. Integrate without barriers by API, drag-and-drop and more methods, then benefit from an open choice of map provider, geocoding and routing service.

  • Use all common standard formats for GIS application data exchange.

  • Integrate vMAP Mapviews, reports or services with other applications.

  • Choose from a range of intuitive and effective integration options.

Team up with your existing solutions and reach further

Pair with current applications to benefit your business. Link to vMAP program via REST with varied format support for optimised data exchange. Operate vMAP remotely via API for everything from simple processing to creating your own portal client.

  • Bring in your own data to merge and process by code.

  • Automate reoccurring tasks with vMAP API.

  • vMAP Portal for developers makes integration easy.